He comes close to being very small in dance, painting and theater, but more than all he develops a great love for piano music and then deepens to the Tonelli Conservatory of Carpi where teachers immediately discover his absolute ear, while studying Canto Lirico With Raffaella Vitiello. She graduated years after vocal studies at the Modern Music Institute (MMI) with Barbara Somogyiova, Rock / Metal with Fabio Dessi, Gabriele Gozzi, Michele Luppi and Alessandro Del Vecchio in Jazz at the Conservatory of Bologna with Diana Torto. Expands with Albert Hera, also experiencing extreme vocals with Eleonora Bruni, with Erika Biavati and Matteo Belli and following numerous workshops on experimental vocals.
He is deepening and sharing his vision of the Symphonic Metal Singing with the soprano Chiara Malvestiti (Crysalys, Therion).


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  • 2002/2006 Inscription Siae as author texts and composer. Live Live with local bands, performance in events organized by Radio Pico and Radio Stella.
  • 2007/2010 Concerts with Fireworks and Heartbreaker (hard rock cover band) in various venues and events.
  • 2010  Outbound album “Total death of the sun” by Oltretomba Sound (dark ambient noise).
  • 2012  Open the blog Diario di luoghi e di cieli in which he collects ideas, reflections, poems and tales.
  • 2013  European Tour of Rev Rev Rev (shoegaze / psychedelic rock).
  • 2014 “The Majestic of Your Being” by The Way Of Purity, as the author and singer of The Way Of Purity.
    He collaborates with Wormholedeath and Epictronic as author, composer and vocal coach, edited by Warner Chappell Holland BV.
  • 2015 Growl and Whisperer with Erika Biavati and Eleonora Bruni.
    Successfully pursued the course of deepening VoiceToTeach®.
    Participated in the Exit Festival 2015 with The Way of Purity.
    The release of the album “Diary of Spaces and Skies” recorded with the revolutionary 3D and 6D binaural technology (use of two “neumann ku100 cappucioni”).
    Open act at the Acoustic Concert by Mick Moss (Antimatter).
    Featuring on Little Piggy’s album The Juds Table of Antimatter.
  • 2016   Solo and acoustic concerts combined with literary manifestations.
    Performance on The Last Laugh and Monochrome with Antimatter at the Freakout Club, Bologna.
  • 2017  Diario di Luoghi e di Cieli  from Blog becomes a multi-artistic event, combining exposures of paintings and photographs, installations with moments of poetry and theater, all wrapped in music. First experience as a writer and director.




  • Workshop The Vocalist TVS Studio with Robert Lunte.
  • Jazz and improvisation with Diana Torto and John Taylor.
  • Ali & Abissi – Seminar on extreme voices. Speakers Erika Biavati (M3, whistle) and Eleonora Bruni (M0, overhead, growl).
  • Workshop by Alessandro del Vecchio.
  • Orff Materials and Methodology for Music Education in Primary and Primary) conducted by Marco Iadeluca.
  • Iscritta all’abo VoiceToTeach® – Specialization course for singing and voice tutors – conducted by Eleonora Bruni, Erika Biavati with Franco Fussi (phonetics), Matteo Belli (actor), Maria Giulia Ramirez and Olga Pascale (speech therapist), Elisa Ghetti (psychotherapist).
  • Post-VoiceToTeach Extension La pratica didattica.
  • Workshop on the song Harmonico Overtone singing with Anna Maria Hefele.
  • She participated as a experimental / guinea pig and learned at the seminar on the influence of extreme mechanisms on legitimate mechanisms.
  • Participation and live at the Laboratory of Experimentation and Unconventional Use of the Voice dedicated to Demetrio Stratos, with Tran Quang Hai (overtones, harmonic singing), Albert Hera (circle song), Boris Salvodelli (Loop Station, Improvisation).
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Courses / Activities

  • Modern Singing
  • Canto Symphonic Metal
  • Plan
  • Keyboards
  • Theory of Solfeggio
  • Ear training
  • Overall music
  • Siae transcripts
  • Writing texts and songs
  • Vocal Coaching